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Welcome to the JMudlib project


The aim of the JMudlib project is designing a framework for building multi-user dungeons in Java. Similar frameworks lack a clean and clear structure due to their history, their evolution and the lack of appropiate programming languages and concepts.

The JMudlib project will be done by using conventional software development strategies as well as new ideas like eXtreme Programming. It makes use of standards like UML (e.g. class diagrams) or XML (for persistence).

The project can roughly be divided into 3 packages:
  1. The driver which can set up and run any underlying MUD-model.
  2. The MUD-model framework which can be used to design an own MUD.
  3. The communication layer in which different communication protocols will be wrapped. The first protocol will be an implementation of the telnet protocol to enable any player to use his/her favorite MUD-client like ZMud, Mushclient or TinyFugue.